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Experimental evolution

Azole resistance

Protocol for classroom experimental evolution of azole-resistant yeast (Module 1) and additional modules are as follows:

These protocol were designed by Josephine Boyer, Ryan Skophammer, Renee Geck, Alexa Warwick, Paul Rowley, Maitreya Dunham, and Bryce Taylor.

We also developed a Yeast Madness kit to compare the fitness of different azole-resistant evolved yeast in collaboration with Fred Hutch Science Education Project. Resources and protocol are available from Fred Hutch, kits can be requested but must be picked up in Seattle, WA.

Caffeine tolerance

Protocol for classroom experimental evolution of caffeine-tolerant yeast, and fitness competition of up to six different colored evolved yeast at once:

These protocol were designed by Renee Geck, Bryce Taylor, Naomi Moresi, Rebecca Brewer, and Maitreya Dunham, and are based on azole resistance modules 1 and 4.


Evolving@home protocol are for carrying out yeast evolutions safely in non-laboratory settings, designed for remote learning.

Yeast biochemistry

Protocol for the extraction of violacein pigment from yeast is available here.

Yeast cell biology

Protocol for isolating yeast cultures from sourdough starter is here.