June 29, 2021: yEvo is featured in an article on the NSF Division of Molecular and Cellular Biosciences Blog. Making epistasis fun. Read the article here.

May 3, 2021: The first yEvo preprint is now available on bioRxiv! yEvo: Experimental evolution in high school classrooms selects for novel mutations and epistatic interactions that impact clotrimazole resistance in S. cerevisiae. Read the article here.

July 13, 2020: Bryce Taylor gave a talk "yEvo: A collaborative evolution research experience with high school classrooms" at the Bridging Research and Education Workshop (BREW) hosted by The Allied Genetics Conference (TAGC) Online. Watch the video above, or the whole conference session here.

March 22, 2019: Team yEvo goes to National Association of Biology Teachers. Read the article from BEACON here.


May 9, 2018: Westridge AP Bio Research to Expand to Schools Across the U.S. with National Science Foundation Grant. Read the article from Westridge here.