yEvo Lab

yEvo is an authentic research experience designed for high school students to observe the process of evolution in their classrooms using yeast as a model organism.

We use a franchise model so each classroom can tailor our modules to their specific curricula, and select the right level of involvement with our research laboratories for their needs.

six different colored strains of yeast struck out on an agar plate

Observe the process of evolution

Learn how changes in DNA impact traits

Participate in authentic research


Interested in joining the yEvo team?

yEvo modules and protocols are designed to be adaptable to many different interests, projects, and classrooms. If you'd like to start using yEvo, let us know - we'd love to have you join the growing team of yEvo classrooms and labs!

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yEvo is supported by the National Institute of General Medical Sciences grant R25GM154336, National Science Foundation grant 1817816, and received previous support from NSF BEACON Center.