Echinocandin Resistance

Echinocandins are a group of medical drugs used to kill disease-causing fungi. Echinocandins kill fungi by blocking enzymes that are needed to make and maintain the cell wall. But, like bacteria can develop antibiotic resistance, fungi can develop resistance to antifungal drugs. In this project, the specific echinocandin drug micafungin will be used to understand how fungi can become resistant to this drug. By understanding how resistance occurs, we can create possible solutions for treating echinocandin-resistant fungal infections.

This project is being carried out in 2023-24 with Katherine Johnson at Roosevelt High School, Kelsey Kovarik at The Downtown School, Tim Renz at Tukwila High School, Ryan Skophammer at Westridge School, Eric Strate at Lewis & Clark High School, and Maitreya Dunham at the University of Washington.